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Welcome to the RELEASENOTES - Archive for CALC4XL-Versions 197 - 200

CALC4XL-Version   1_0_1_200

CALC4XL-Version   1_0_1_199

CALC4XL-Version   1_0_1_198

CALC4XL-Version   1_0_1_197


CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_200

Reporting in the CALC4XL templates

The price overview in CALC4XL Cost Breakdown has now also been extended to include graphical evaluations of the cost types.

Furthermore, the price overview and diagrams can now be copied & pasted into other files.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_199

Process: Mechanical Machining / MAG Welding

Print technology plan in Mechanical Machining and MAG Welding

Via the “Print” button you can now print out the entire technology plan and forward it e.g. to your production.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_198

Opening a CALC4XL file

If you open a CALC4XL file whose database is unknown, CALC4XL asks you to manually attach a suitable database.
If you have defined a default CALC4XL database, you can now connect it directly to the file at the touch of a button.


New Ribbon Entries for Database Actions


Process Calculator

Current process time calculators


New process time calculators


CALC4XL Super-BOM: Changing Module Level

You have two possibilities to change the assembly (module) level, which defines the belonging of the cost elements to each other:

Option 1 (previous solution):

(A) Click on the line of “housing outside”.
(B) Click on “Move”.
(C) Click on “tie rod complete” to move “housing outside” below it (level 2).
(See also   “CALC4XL Super-BOM” – Quick-Reference in to CALC4XL Super-BOM )

Option 2 (the new solution):

Overwrite the number “3” in the line of “housing outside” with a “2” (1).
CALC4XL automatically resorts all elements.


New reporting in the CALC4XL templates

The price overview in the CALC4XL Super-BOM has been expanded by graphic evaluations of the cost elements.


CALC4XL Picture comments

Insert picture comments from the clipboard into each Excel cell using the function ‘CALC4XL: Add/change picture comment from clipboard’.



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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_197

Define the Default database

Steps to connect the standard CALC4XL Benchmark database


New Login process

Easier login process


Project Specification

Manage your supply chain


Machine Calculator

Create your own process and machine groups, e.g. favorites list


Equipment, consumables and use (%) of a machine are now stored in the DB for own machines.


The shift model can be changed individually on each machine.


The “working hours per year” is determined from the work system entered in the project specification calculator. 
If a specific machine is to be used in another work system (shift model) (e.g. production in 3 shifts, packaging in 1 shift), you can change it only FOR THIS machine by clicking the padlock symbol.
Once the padlock icon is open, a change to the work system in the project specification calculator no longer has any effect on this machine.
The work system (shift model) can now be changed individually on each machine.


Specify the source of the machines and filter the machine list

When creating machines you should specify the source of the machine (e.g. supplier name).
Then you can later filter using this source and display, for example, all machines of a supplier that have already been negotiated.


Material Calculator

Price-date for materials

Update procedure see  Database Update 


Process: Laser Cutting

New: Thicker sheet thicknesses have been added for laser cutting.


Precalculated Parts & Assemblies

Current pre-calculated parts and assemblies


Hint: Create your own pre-calculated components.


CALC4XL Templates

New template: CALC4XL Super-BOM



Detailed calculation for any complex bill of materials with supply chain management


Password Recovery

Forgot your password of an Excel file?

  1. Send the full file name including file extension (e.g. ‘fileName.xlsm’) to Please provide a proof of your authorization, too.
  2. Receive a password recovery code (e.g. s282\4a3)
  3. Open the Excel file and carry out the following steps:


Hint: Leave the password blank if the Excel file does not need to be protected.


CALC4XL Picture comments

Add picture comments to each Excel cell.

Right-click on the Excel cell and select ‘CALC4XL: Add/Change Picture Comment‘.


The size of the picture comment can be set manually or preset via “User Settings”:


CALC4XL Reader

The CALC4XL software can now be defined as a free reader

Install the CALC4XL trial version from the download area on

After trial period: Keep CALC4XL for full read-only rights on all CALC4XL calculations e.g. for your cooperation partners, suppliers, and so on


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