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General notes

The release notes are divided into sections. Each section contains a version number and the changes / adaptations in the CALC4XL software that are implemented and available with this version.


You can determine your version in the CALC4XL menu by clicking on “License”.
From the CALC4XL version 1_0_14_201, the version number includes a compatibility number.
If users use CALC4XL versions with the same compatibility number, they can exchange their calculations with each other.
A user with a lower compatibility number must update his CALC4XL version before opening the calculations.

You can always download the current version of CALC4XL from your profile on our website or directly from the following links:

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_19_228

New compatibility number for CALC4XL-Version 1_0_19_228
CALC4XL version 1_0_19_228 brings the new compatibility number “19”. This means, if you receive a CALC4XL file created with this new version, but you still have an older CALC4XL version installed, the CALC4XL system will prompt you to install a new CALC4XL version.
New user settings
In the user settings you can set whether CALC4XL cells should be highlighted. CALC4XL cells are the Excel cells that are linked to CALC4XL modules. The following options are available for highlighting CALC4XL cells:
– underlining the CALC4XL values and
– filling the CALC4XL cell with a colour from the stored colour palette.
Both settings can be used in combination or individually.


Another setting allows the CALC4XL cells to be highlighted according to the aforementioned settings when loading the CALC4XL templates or the CALC4XL precalculated components.


The user settings have been extended by the button Highlight CALC4XL Excel cells.
You can highlight the CALC4XL cells in the currently open active Excel file, switch off the highlighting or change the colour for the highlighting at any time.

Digital Microsoft Certification for CALC4XL
CALC4XL has been digitally certified by Microsoft since the end of 2022.
The installation and update of the CALC4XL product cost calculation software will be easier for our customers.

CALC4XL Installation
If you are online at the time of installation of the CALC4XL product cost calculation software, it is no longer necessary to install a CALC4XL certificate before installation. In this case, the installation of the CALC4XL software includes the certificate check and thus the verification of the publisher of the CALC4XL software. And also the installation problem “The computer was protected by Windows” is thus a thing of the past.


If you still want or need to install the CALC4XL certificate, click on the link “CALC4XL GmbH” (see screenshot). The certificate will be displayed and you have the option to install it.

CALC4XL Update
Before updating CALC4XL, i.e. installing a new CALC4XL version, you no longer need to uninstall the old CALC4XL version.


If a new CALC4XL benchmark database is delivered with the new CALC4XL version, you must connect it to your system as usual and, if necessary, copy your own data from the previous standard database to the new CALC4XL benchmark database. This function is available in the CALC4XL menu under Database Actions.

Check for new material prices when connecting a new CALC4XL benchmark database
The CALC4XL product cost calculation software allows you to keep your calculations up to date.
CALC4XL checks whether there are newer material prices in the CALC4XL benchmark database than those used in your calculation in the following cases, if you
(1) actively connect a new CALC4XL benchmark database or
(2) connect a file that is not connected to the current default database to it using database actions, or
(3) select the database action “DB: Recalculate all CALC4XL modules”.

Wage Hourly Rate Calculator
From CALC4XL version 1_0_19_228 onwards, you can create your own qualifications and the associated hourly wage rates incl. time stamp (price date / source) in the CALC4XL Benchmark database. For example, you have the option of including a database with your hourly wage rates in the Production section of the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown and/or the CALC4XL Super-BOM.

Material Calculator

Material database: updated material data
With CALC4XL version 1_0_19_228 you receive an updated material database with current material data.

Material database: new material type “purchased parts”
From CALC4XL version 1_0_19_228 in connection with a CALC4XL Benchmark database v7 or higher, the new material type “purchased parts” is available in the material database.
This allows you to create your own purchased parts incl. time stamp (price date / source) in the CALC4XL Benchmark database. For example, you have the option of including a purchased parts database in the “Purchased Parts (& External Processes)” section of the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown and/or the CALC4XL Super-BOM.

The screenshot shows how the interface of the material calculator changes when “purchased parts” is selected for material type. The prerequisite is that a CALC4XL benchmark database from 2022 from v7 (or newer) has been attached.



How to create “Own materials” (raw material) in your CALC4XL benchmark database is described in our user CALC4XL user manuals “Cost Breakdown user manual – Example of Use – Injection Molded Part” and “Super-BOM user manual – based on calculation example tie rod”.
The creation of “own purchased parts” and “own hourly wage rates” is done analogously and can be derived from this description.
We deliver the manuals together with the installation package. Alternatively, you can download the manuals from the download area of the CALC4XL website.

Our consulting team will be happy to support you in integrating your purchased parts into the CALC4XL database or in connecting the purchased parts database to the purchased parts section of the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown and/or the CALC4XL Super-BOM. Contact us and let us prepare a non-binding offer for you.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_18_224/225/226/227

New compatibility number for CALC4XL-Version 1_0_18_227
CALC4XL version 1_0_18_227 brings the new compatibility number “18”. This means, if you receive a CALC4XL file created with this new version, but you still have an older CALC4XL version installed, the CALC4XL system will prompt you to install a new CALC4XL version.
In CALC4XL versions 224/225/226 new functionalities were developed step by step, which are now published with CALC4XL version 1_0_18_227.

Quick Estimate
The main innovation of CALC4XL version 1_0_17_227 is the introduction of Quick Estimate.
The Quick Estimate offers you the possibility of quick estimation of costs for defined processes and technologies.
With this CALC4XL version the Quick Estimate “Quick estimate example – (painted) injection molded parts” is delivered.


A Quick Estimate can basically be set up for any technology/production. The implementation of a Quick Estimate requires a high level of expertise. For this reason, CALC4XL implements a Quick Estimate only upon customer request and in close cooperation with the customer.
Please contact us if you are interested in implementing one of your processes as a Quick Estimate together.

Quick Estimate for (painted) injection molded parts

You can access the Quick Estimate under the menu item “File module” > “Templates” > “Quick estimate example – (painted) injection moulded parts”.

(1) First select the base file. Start with the currently opened cost estimate or use a Cost Break Down template.

(2) Check the already pre-filled data of the project specification and add the required data.

(3) Select the injection molding process and enter the required data. Optionally add a painting process.

By clicking on “CALCULATE”, the CALC4XL system performs the calculation and fills the cost breakdown automatically.

You can now enrich the calculation with additional data.

Material calculator
Material database
The material database contains the new material type ” Paints” incl. exemplary paint materials.

Coating-specific database values are stored for the coating materials (coat thickness, application efficiency).

New Volumen calculator: Paint consumption

You can access the volume calculator by activating the “Calculate” checkbox.

In the drop-down list in the “Input” area, select the “Paint consumption” volume calculator.

Part-specific values: gross weight

If the “grossweight” is equal to the “net mass” in your calculation of the raw material, the values for “net mass” and “(cutting) scrap” no longer need to be entered.

After entering the “net mass” you can now directly enter the value for the “(cutting) scrap” [%] and the material calculator calculates the “gross weight”.

Machine database
New/updated painting machines

Painting machines have been added or updated in the machine database.

You will find them in the process group “5. Coating” under the machine group “Painting”.

Process calculator
In the “C4XL: Injection Molding” process, you can now retrieve a file that explains the basic terms for injection molding.

Click the button “Basic Conceptss Inj. Molding” and the PDF file will open.

(To read the file you need a PDF reader, e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Exchange rates

You have the possibility to update the currency exchange rates in your CALC4XL database automatically via the internet.

The prerequisite for this is that you are using Microsoft Excel 365 Beta version or newer. You can easily check if you have this version.

Select the menu “Data” in your Excel. If the entries “Share” and “Geography” are available in the menu item “Data types”, you can automatically update the currency exchange rates in your CALC4XL database via the Internet.


The “Stocks” and “Geography” data types are available only for Microsoft 365 accounts or for accounts with a free Microsoft account. Also, the editing language English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese must be added to Office.

Update currency exchange rates automatically via the Internet

o update the currency exchange rates in your CALC4XL database, proceed as follows:

In your Excel, select the “CALC4XL” menu and go to the “Login” menu item and click on the three dots “…” next to the currency. (1). A pop-up window will open.
Via the button “Currency factors mass update” (2) you initiate the retrieval of the currency exchange rates from the Internet.
This retrieval may take some time. Confirm the start of the mass update of the currency factors with “Yes” (3).

The system creates an Excel file that displays all the exchange rates contained in the CALC4XL database.
As soon as the window “Get Exchange Rates” appears, confirm it with “OK” and click on the button Get Data From The Internet“.

The Excel spreadsheet will now show you the retrieved exchange rates.
Now click on the button “Upload to CALC4XL” to transfer the exchange rates to your CALC4XL database.

If the CALC4XL system has transferred the data to the database, you will receive a completion message from the system. Click on “OK“.
You can now close the Excel spreadsheet with the exchange rates.

New user setting

A user can now decide whether the “Search databases by their IDs if they have been renamed or moved” feature is enabled or disabled.

This change refers to the innovation in CALC4XL version 1_0_15_219 „Database name or database path changed“.

To do this, open the user settings under “C4XL File Data”.

By default, this function is enabled.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_17_223

New compatibility number for CALC4XL-Version 1_0_17_223

CALC4XL version 1_0_17_223 brings a new compatibility number. This means, if you receive a CALC4XL file created with this new version, but you still have an older CALC4XL version installed, the CALC4XL system will prompt you to install a new CALC4XL version.

Material calculator

Material database

With CALC4XL version 1_0_17_223 you get a completely updated material database with current material data.

New volume models for calculating the charge weight
With the new volume models in the material calculator, it is now possible to calculate single component weights.

Calculate charge weight and change manually
In the material calculator, you can activate the input mode for the insert weight via the lock and continue to change the insert weight manually, even if you have the insert weight calculated.

– Charge weight calculated

– Charge weight changed manually

Process calculator

New process time calculator: painting and coating
With this version, the new process time calculator Painting and Coating is available.

New material in the “injection molding” process: PC/ABS
In the “CALC4XL injection molding” process, the material group PC/ABS can now be selected for the material.

CALC4XL database exchange module
If you have created your own data (machines, materials, file templates, …) in your previously used CALC4XL benchmark database, you can transfer them to the new CALC4XL benchmark database using the DB exchange module.
The CALC4XL database exchange module can be reached under the menu item Database Actions” -> “DB: Copy own data”.

The functionality of the CALC4XL database exchange module has been optimized for easier user interaction.
1. Load CALC4XL Default database
You can now load the CALC4XL Default database with the click of a button. No matter if you want to transfer data from the current CALC4XL Default database to a new CALC4XL Benchmark database or vice versa.

2. Define a new CALC4XL benchmark database with your own data as the CALC4XL Default database.
If the previously used CALC4XL benchmark database with its own data (database 1) is the current CALC4XL Default database, the system will ask you whether the new CALC4XL benchmark database (database 2) should be defined as the CALC4XL Default database after the data has been successfully transferred.

If you confirm this dialog with “Yes”, you will receive, in addition to the confirmation that the new CALC4XL benchmark database has been adopted as the CALC4XL Default database, a note that you will inform your colleagues about the change to the CALC4XL Default database after this change.

Colleagues who have also worked on the previously used CALC4XL benchmark database must manually connect the new CALC4XL Default database. You can access the function for manually connecting the CALC4XL standard database under the menu item Database Actions” -> “DB: Define Default Database”.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_16_222

Machine calculator

Machine database
With CALC4XL version 1_0_16_222 you get a completely updated machine database. All investment values have been updated for the year 2021.

Replacement value for machines
In the machine calculator, the field Investment (Investment) has been renamed Replacement value (Replacement).
If you change the year of acquisition of the machine, you can now have the values for acquisition value, installation, scrap price and accessories recalculated according to the index of producer prices of industrial products for process engineering machines and apparatuses of the Federal Statistical Office. In addition, an innovation factor is used to the replacement value.
The values for the year of acquisition can be in the past as well as in the future.

Resetting calculated/own values
If the values were calculated in the machine calculator in the INVESTMENT area, e.g. by entering the year of acquisition, or if you entered your own values, you can now reset all values in this area to the original values in the database at the touch of a button.

If you have manually changed values in the FOOTPRINT AND VARIABLE RATES area, you can reset individual values using the DEL key as before.

Retrieve information on machines
If you have selected a machine in the machine database, e.g. via the machine search directly using the filter function, you can use the “fill out” button to display the associated process group and machine group.

Recalculate inventory costings
If you want to calculate your inventory costings on the new machine database, first connect the new CALC4XL benchmark database with the current machine data.
Then go to the CALC4XL menu “Database Actions” and click on the menu item “DB: Recalculate all CALC4XL modules”.

Cost Breakdown

Tool maintenance calculation
In section 2.4 “Production” the tool maintenance costs can now optionally be calculated in a sub-table.
The result of the calculation is transferred to the corresponding field in the column “Tool maintenance [EUR]/component”.
If you have already entered your own value for the tool maintenance costs there and would like to take over the calculated value from the sub-table, press the DEL key. The CALC4XL system writes the calculation formula back into the Excel cell and thus takes over the result from the sub-table.

Enter special costs
In section 2.7 “Overheads & Profits” of the Cost Breakdown, the input option for special costs has been extended. The number of input lines can be increased as required using the down arrow key.

User settings

The user settings are now accessed directly in the CALC4XL menu under C4XL File Data.

In these user settings you can now specify the preferred unit for entries in the material calculator and cycle time calculator.

According to the selection, these units are used in the CALC4XL modules. In the modules, you can also use the dropdown to adjust the units if required.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_16_221

New  compatibility number for CALC4XL-Version

The CALC4XL version 1_0_16_221 comes with a new compatibility number. This means if you receive a CALC4XL file created with this new version, but you still have an older CALC4XL version installed, the CALC4XL system will prompt you to install a new CALC4XL version.

Project specification

Main selection fields of the project specification linkable in Excel cells

The 4 main selection fields (country, industry, product, turnover [EUR]) of the project specification can now be linked in Excel cells.

New field in project specification: Batches/year

The CALC4XL project specification was extended by the field “Batches/Year”.

This value is transferred to the field “Batches per year” in the updated CALC4XL Cost Breakdown and the lot size is automatically determined from this together with the number of parts peryear (Parts/Year).


For your own entries, the formula for calculating the batch size can be overwritten, as can the formula for calculating the set-up costs. If necessary, the formula can be retrieved by removing the value entered by the user (key “Del”).
Price indication

In CALC4XL Cost Breakdown you can display the prices for any number of parts. Enter the following character combination: “/” followed by any decimal number (e.g. /100 or /0.5).    This means that the CALC4XL product cost calculation software can also be used to calculate spare parts.

Set-up time

The set-up time (Setup) is now entered in the main columns of the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown. In previous versions, the setup time was entered on the right in the sub-table. It is now only displayed there for information purposes.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_220

Update of the CALC4XL benchmark database

With CALC4XL version 1_0_15_220 you get an updated CALC4XL benchmark database with updated material data.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

“Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime” is no longer a requirement for the CALC4XL Product Cost Calculation Software application. These are no longer installed during the installation of CALC4XL.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_219

CALC4XL Cost Breakdown

In CALC4XL Cost Breakdown, the function “Add Column” is available in the worksheet “Summary”. With this button it is possible to add more columns to be able to compare even more calculations.

Compare calculations from several calculation files

If you want to compare calculations from different cost breakdown files, you can copy them into one cost breakdown file.
It is important that all cost breakdown files have the same structure so that the values are comparable.

Carry out the following steps:

Open the cost breakdown in which you want to compare the calculations (target file).

Open the cost breakdown from which you want to copy calculations to the target cost breakdown.

Right-click on the tab of the cost estimate you want to transfer and select “Move or copy”.

Activate the checkbox “Create copy” !

Select the target file from the drop-down list “To Folder:”, define the insertion position within the workbook (e.g. Insert before: “Summary”) and click “OK”.

The calculation (without CALC4XL modules) is now inserted into the selected target file.

If you now go to “Summary” in the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown, the drop-down lists are automatically expanded and you can select the inserted calculation for comparison.

Extension in CALC4XL Cost Breakdown: Function “Copy Sheet” with CALC4XL forms

The function “Copy Sheet” can now optionally be carried out with or without a copy of the CALC4XL modules.

If a cost estimate is copied in CALC4XL Cost Breakdown with CALC4XL Modules, this cost estimate still has CALC4XL Modules in the background. In addition, a separate project specification is created/assigned for each costing spreadsheet if this was created using the “Copy Sheet with CALC4XL Modules” function.

Undo button in CALC4XL calculations
CALC4XL product cost calculation software has suppressed the Undo button in CALC4XL templates in previous CALC4XL versions. The Undo button is available as long as no code-based CALC4XL operations (C# code) have been actively called by the user, e.g. inserting or deleting a line or making changes in CALC4XL modules.

Improvement of the usability

Change date of the calculation

If you open a calculation (CALC4XL Cost Breakdown or CALC4XL Super BOM) and do not make any changes, the file’s modification date is not overwritten. The modification date of a file is only updated if a change has actually taken place and it has been saved.

View CALC4XL benchmark database vs. connect Excel cell with result of a calculation module

The CALC4XL product costing software has been optimised so that you can access the CALC4XL costing modules from the CALC4XL menu to view the contents of the CALC4XL benchmark database.

If you want to view the content of the CALC4XL database of a category (e.g. machines), you can do this from any Excel cell in your calculation. When you click on a CALC4XL calculation module in the CALC4XL menu, the system gives you a message. If you confirm this message with OK, the corresponding CALC4XL calculation module opens in a pop-up window and you can browse through the contents of the database.

Then close the pop-up window via the “X” or “OK”. The Excel cell is not linked to the CALC4XL calculation module.

If you want to link CALC4XL calculation modules to your calculation and connect values from a CALC4XL calculation module to Excel cells, please continue to use

– the link mode (“connect Excel cell”) or

– link a CALC4XL calculation module directly to your calculation via right mouse click.

In previous versions, when a CALC4XL calculation module was called, the CALC4XL system asked the user whether the result (main value) from the CALC4XL calculation module should be linked to the active cell. In some cases, this has led to users “accidentally” making invalid links and then the calculation was no longer functional.

Database name or database path changed

If a CALC4XL database has been renamed or moved (changed database path), the CALC4XL system will still find it again, provided the file (calculation) with the connected CALC4XL Default database has been saved once with the new CALC4XL version.

In earlier versions, the CALC4XL system informed the user that the database could no longer be found. The user had to connect the “old” database manually.


If the CALC4XL benchmark database is copied and the original CALC4XL benchmark database is deleted, then the CALC4XL system will not be able to find the CALC4XL benchmark database originally connected to the calculation again, because the copied CALC4XL benchmark database is a different database from the system perspective.
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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_218

Material calculator
The material prices are displayed by date in a graph.

Insert and display pictures in calculations
CALC4XL provides various functions for this purpose.
With CALC4XL version 1_0_15_218 these functions have been extended and optimised for CALC4XL Cost Breakdown.

Insert and display picture in the project specification of CALC4XL Cost Breakdowns
If you insert a picture into the project specification, this picture will not only be visible in the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown in the designated area, but also displayed as a picture comment (larger display).
If you change the picture in the project specification, the picture in CALC4XL Cost Breakdown also changes.

If a picture is larger than 500KB, you will receive a message (see figure).

Insert picture via the “Insert Picture of Part” function
CALC4XL Cost Breakdown offers the possibility to insert pictures into the calculation via the “Insert Picture of Part” button.
Up to now you could only insert pictures into the area where the button “Insert Picture of Part” is displayed.
With CALC4XL version 1_0_15_218 you can now insert pictures in any cell or cell range in the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown.

To do this, click with the cursor in the Excel cell in which the picture is to be inserted and displayed. The cell is now activated.

If the picture is to be displayed in a larger area, mark the cell area in which the picture is to be displayed.

Then click on the “Insert Picture of Part” button and select the picture.

If the button is overlaid with a picture, move the picture so that the button becomes visible.

The inserted picture is automatically reduced/enlarged to the correct size according to the selected area and the picture quality is optimised to save storage space.

Insert picture comments
Furthermore, the following functions are available in the usual way for each Excel cell

“CALC4XL: Add/Change Picture Comment” (siehe Releasenotes CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_197 CALC4XL Picture comments

“CALC4XL: Add/change picture comment from clipboard” (siehe Releasenotes CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_198 CALC4XL Picture comments

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_217

CALC4XL version 217 contain various changes to improve performance and stability.

CALC4XL and Microsoft Office functions for Microsoft 365


AutoSave is a new feature available in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 subscribers. The file you are working on is saved to OneDrive or SharePoint Online in the background every few seconds.

AutoSave is enabled by default in Microsoft 365 when a file is stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online.

From CALC4XL version you can use the Microsoft Office function “AutoSave” without restrictions.

Collaborate on Excel workbooks at the same time

Microsoft provides Microsoft 365 subscribers with a simplified feature for collaborative simultaneous editing of Excel workbooks.

You and your colleagues can open and work on the same Excel workbook.

Information on this can be found on the Microsoft support page: Collaborate on Excel workbooks at the same time with co-authoring

If you do not use Microsoft Office 365, you can use the “old” function to share your workbook.

Information on this can be found on the Microsoft support page at the following link: Share your Excel workbook with others

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_216

Navigation in forms with the tab key
In the forms, navigation using the tab key has been optimised. Previously, when entering data in the CALC4Xl modules, you always had to navigate to the fields with the mouse. Now you can simply go to the first text field and then jump from input field to input field in the correct order using the tab key.

Process: Mechanical Machining / MAG Welding

Printing the technology plan for “Mechanical processing” and “MAG welding” has been optimised.
You can print the entire technology plan via the “Print” button. A print version is created that you can save as a PDF or image, print out and forward (e.g. to your production department).

Cost Breakdown  revised

Changes and enhancements in the cost breakdown

– In the new Cost Breakdown you can create as many lines as you like.

– The cost breakdown now has a reference number for each input line. Here you can reference, for example, which material is required for which production step..

– Sorting, which you can initiate in each section via the sort buttons (Sort), has been accelerated.

Function extension for connecting an external SQL database
An external SQL database can now be connected using Windows authentication in addition to user ID and password.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_212/213/214/215

CALC4XL versions 212/213/214/215 contain various changes to improve performance and stability.

Furthermore, preparatory work was carried out to enable CALC4XL to be operated with either an Access database or an SQL database.

CALC4XL with SQL database

From CALC4XL version 1_0_15_215 you can choose the database with which you want to operate CALC4XL.

CALC4XL is delivered with an Access database as standard.

At the customer’s request, we can deliver CALC4XL with an MS SQL database.


Process: Injection moulding

The injection moulding process has been adapted so that the value Ο seconds is predefined for the removal.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_211

Material calculator

Optimised display of material data: material designation and dates

– The dropdowns now automatically have the correct width when long material names are inserted.

– The user can use any date format such as dd/mm/yyy or mm/dd/yy or written out date.


Machine calculator

Extension of the visualisation of numbers with thousand separators

Any characters can be used as thousand separators, e.g. inverted commas for Swiss notation (1’200.00 and 1’200,00).

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_207/208/209/210

In the CALC4XL version 207/208/209/210 optimizations and stability improvements have been made.

Update of the CALC4XL benchmark database

In CALC4XL version 207/208/209/210 the CALC4XL benchmark database has been completely updated.

New Help panel

You can reach the CALC4XL help in the CALC4XL menu via the icon with the question mark.

The help panel has been revised and guides you through the first steps in CALC4XL.
– Connect standard database
– Select default currency
– Where can I find the manuals?
– How do I start my first calculations?

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_204/205/206

In the CALC4XL version 204/205/206 extensive architectural changes have been made.

Changes for the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown

Cost Breakdown calculation template changed from xlsm to xlsx

The template for the Cost Breakdown has been changed from an Excel workbook with macros (*.xlsm) to Excel workbook (*.xlsx) and is now available in a macro-free version, i.e. the code of the Cost Breakdown no longer contains macros or Visual Basic code.
This means for you
– fewer IT hurdles when installing and using CALC4XL, as virus scanners no longer classify the calculations as “dangerous”.
– Calculation files in xlsx format can be sent by e-mail without the message/indication that there is a potential virus danger from this file.

Convert (old) cost breakdowns with macro to xlsx files

(Old) cost breakdowns in xlsm format (with macros) can be converted into xlsx format at the push of a button.

Convert cost breakdowns with obsolete Visual Basic code into xlsx files

If your cost breakdown contains obsolete Visual Basic code, the CALC4XL system will inform you. Confirm the query with “Yes”.
CALC4XL automatically converts your file into an xlsx file.

Macros are deactivated in CALC4XL template

If macros of a CALC4XL template are deactivated, the CALC4XL system informs you of this. Confirm the message with “OK”.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_203

Machine calculator

For better visualisation, the numbers in the machine calculator are displayed with thousands separators.

Users can now use thousands separators when entering numbers (e.g. 1,000,000.00 (en) or 1.000.000.,.00 (de)).

In the machine calculator, the hourly fixed and variable costs are shown in addition to the complete machine hourly rate.

If you enter the machine hourly rate manually, you can also display the fixed share. The variable part is calculated..

Project specification

Zero values are now allowed in the project specification.

The wage overhead costs are controlled centrally via the project specification.

If you want to change the wage overheads, this is only possible via the project specification.

The user receives a corresponding notification.

Chinese language implemented

CALC4XL is multilingual. In addition to English and German, you can now also choose Chinese as the language.

Country data added

23 new Chinese regions included in the project specification with all global data (wages, country data, overheads).

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_14_202

CALC4XL Default database not found

The CALC4XL user receives a message when opening Excel if the standard CALC4XL database is not found (e.g. deleted or renamed or moved).

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_14_201

New licence type: Floating licence

CALC4XL offers two licence variants:

Node-locked licence (local licence)

Each computer (laptop, PC) requires its own licence. The licence is permanently linked to this one computer and is based on the unique hardware ID of your computer.

After installing CALC4XL, enter your individual licence key for your computer. Once the licence is activated, you can calculate at any time. You do not need to be connected to a network online.

Floating licence (network licence)

CALC4XL provides you with a licence server file. This licence server file is based on the unique hardware ID of the server. The Floating Licence Server (FLS) file must be stored on the network in a location that all ( planned) CALC4XL users in your organisation have read and write access to. This can be an (NTFS) server, a shared network folder, a SharePoint or similar. Once you have initialized the FLS file, do not move or copy the FLS file, as the FLS file will then change its ID and be locked. Therefore, choose a storage path that is permanent.

Each CALC4XL user obtains and activates a temporary licence for his or her computer as needed. As soon as the user has finished using the CALC4XL software, he can return the licence to the licence server file and thus release it for other users.

Via the button “Get Floating Licence” and “Stop Floating Licence” the users who are connected to the floating licence server (and have read and write access to the FLS file) can get and return licences from the floating licence server.


We recommend the licensing variant of the floating licence for more than two or three licences and if your CALC4XL users do not regularly calculate with CALC4XL.
Please note that every CALC4XL user who wants to use the CALC4XL software
– must be connected to the network (online access) and
– must have read and write access to the licence server file,
to activate a licence for his computer.
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