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General notes

The release notes are divided into sections. Each section contains a version number and the changes / adaptations in the CALC4XL software that are implemented and available with this version.



You can determine your version in the CALC4XL menu by clicking on “License”.
From the CALC4XL version 1_0_14_201, the version number includes a compatibility number.
If users use CALC4XL versions with the same compatibility number, they can exchange their calculations with each other.
A user with a lower compatibility number must update his CALC4XL version before opening the calculations.



You can always download the current version of CALC4XL from your profile on our website or directly from the following links: Download

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_217 (Announcement)

Material calculator
The material prices are displayed by date in a graph.


CALC4XL and Microsoft Office functions for Microsoft 365


AutoSave is a new feature available in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 subscribers. The file you are working on is saved to OneDrive or SharePoint Online in the background every few seconds.

AutoSave is enabled by default in Microsoft 365 when a file is stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online.

From CALC4XL version you can use the Microsoft Office function “AutoSave” without restrictions.


Collaborate on Excel workbooks at the same time

Microsoft provides Microsoft 365 subscribers with a simplified feature for collaborative simultaneous editing of Excel workbooks.

You and your colleagues can open and work on the same Excel workbook.

Information on this can be found on the Microsoft support page: Collaborate on Excel workbooks at the same time with co-authoring


If you do not use Microsoft Office 365, you can use the “old” function to share your workbook.

Information on this can be found on the Microsoft support page at the following link: Share your Excel workbook with others

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_216

Navigation in forms with the tab key
In the forms, navigation using the tab key has been optimised. Previously, when entering data in the CALC4Xl modules, you always had to navigate to the fields with the mouse. Now you can simply go to the first text field and then jump from input field to input field in the correct order using the tab key.


Process: Mechanical Machining / MAG Welding

Printing the technology plan for “Mechanical processing” and “MAG welding” has been optimised.
You can print the entire technology plan via the “Print” button. A print version is created that you can save as a PDF or image, print out and forward (e.g. to your production department).


Cost Breakdown  revised

Changes and enhancements in the cost breakdown

– In the new Cost Breakdown you can create as many lines as you like.

– The cost breakdown now has a reference number for each input line. Here you can reference, for example, which material is required for which production step..

– Sorting, which you can initiate in each section via the sort buttons (Sort), has been accelerated.


Function extension for connecting an external SQL database
An external SQL database can now be connected using Windows authentication in addition to user ID and password.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_212/213/214/215

CALC4XL versions 212/213/214/215 contain various changes to improve performance and stability.

Furthermore, preparatory work was carried out to enable CALC4XL to be operated with either an Access database or an SQL database.

CALC4XL with SQL database

From CALC4XL version 1_0_15_215 you can choose the database with which you want to operate CALC4XL.

CALC4XL is delivered with an Access database as standard.

At the customer’s request, we can deliver CALC4XL with an MS SQL database.



Process: Injection moulding

The injection moulding process has been adapted so that the value Ο seconds is predefined for the removal.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_211

Material calculator

Optimised display of material data: material designation and dates

– The dropdowns now automatically have the correct width when long material names are inserted.

– The user can use any date format such as dd/mm/yyy or mm/dd/yy or written out date.



Machine calculator

Extension of the visualisation of numbers with thousand separators

Any characters can be used as thousand separators, e.g. inverted commas for Swiss notation (1’200.00 and 1’200,00).

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_207/208/209/210

In the CALC4XL version 207/208/209/210 optimizations and stability improvements have been made.

Update of the CALC4XL benchmark database

In CALC4XL version 207/208/209/210 the CALC4XL benchmark database has been completely updated.


New Help panel

You can reach the CALC4XL help in the CALC4XL menu via the icon with the question mark.

The help panel has been revised and guides you through the first steps in CALC4XL.
– Connect standard database
– Select default currency
– Where can I find the manuals?
– How do I start my first calculations?


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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_204/205/206

In the CALC4XL version 204/205/206 extensive architectural changes have been made.

Changes for the CALC4XL Cost Breakdown

Cost Breakdown calculation template changed from xlsm to xlsx

The template for the Cost Breakdown has been changed from an Excel workbook with macros (*.xlsm) to Excel workbook (*.xlsx) and is now available in a macro-free version, i.e. the code of the Cost Breakdown no longer contains macros or Visual Basic code.
This means for you
– fewer IT hurdles when installing and using CALC4XL, as virus scanners no longer classify the calculations as “dangerous”.
– Calculation files in xlsx format can be sent by e-mail without the message/indication that there is a potential virus danger from this file.


Convert (old) cost breakdowns with macro to xlsx files

(Old) cost breakdowns in xlsm format (with macros) can be converted into xlsx format at the push of a button.


Convert cost breakdowns with obsolete Visual Basic code into xlsx files

If your cost breakdown contains obsolete Visual Basic code, the CALC4XL system will inform you. Confirm the query with “Yes”.
CALC4XL automatically converts your file into an xlsx file.


Macros are deactivated in CALC4XL template

If macros of a CALC4XL template are deactivated, the CALC4XL system informs you of this. Confirm the message with “OK”.


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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_15_203

Machine calculator

For better visualisation, the numbers in the machine calculator are displayed with thousands separators.

Users can now use thousands separators when entering numbers (e.g. 1,000,000.00 (en) or 1.000.000.,.00 (de)).


In the machine calculator, the hourly fixed and variable costs are shown in addition to the complete machine hourly rate.

If you enter the machine hourly rate manually, you can also display the fixed share. The variable part is calculated..


Project specification

Zero values are now allowed in the project specification.


The wage overhead costs are controlled centrally via the project specification.


If you want to change the wage overheads, this is only possible via the project specification.

The user receives a corresponding notification.


Chinese language implemented

CALC4XL is multilingual. In addition to English and German, you can now also choose Chinese as the language.


Country data added

23 new Chinese regions included in the project specification with all global data (wages, country data, overheads).

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_14_202

CALC4XL Default database not found

The CALC4XL user receives a message when opening Excel if the standard CALC4XL database is not found (e.g. deleted or renamed or moved).

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_14_201

New licence type: Floating licence

CALC4XL offers two licence variants:

Node-locked licence (local licence)

Each computer (laptop, PC) requires its own licence. The licence is permanently linked to this one computer and is based on the unique hardware ID of your computer.

After installing CALC4XL, enter your individual licence key for your computer. Once the licence is activated, you can calculate at any time. You do not need to be connected to a network online.

Floating licence (network licence)

CALC4XL provides you with a licence server file. This licence server file is based on the unique hardware ID of the server. The Floating Licence Server (FLS) file must be stored on the network in a location that all ( planned) CALC4XL users in your organisation have read and write access to. This can be an (NTFS) server, a shared network folder, a SharePoint or similar. Once you have initialized the FLS file, do not move or copy the FLS file, as the FLS file will then change its ID and be locked. Therefore, choose a storage path that is permanent.

Each CALC4XL user obtains and activates a temporary licence for his or her computer as needed. As soon as the user has finished using the CALC4XL software, he can return the licence to the licence server file and thus release it for other users.

Via the button “Get Floating Licence” and “Stop Floating Licence” the users who are connected to the floating licence server (and have read and write access to the FLS file) can get and return licences from the floating licence server.


We recommend the licensing variant of the floating licence for more than two or three licences and if your CALC4XL users do not regularly calculate with CALC4XL.
Please note that every CALC4XL user who wants to use the CALC4XL software
– must be connected to the network (online access) and
– must have read and write access to the licence server file,
to activate a licence for his computer.
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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_200

Reporting in the CALC4XL templates

The price overview in CALC4XL Cost Breakdown has now also been extended to include graphical evaluations of the cost types.

Furthermore, the price overview and diagrams can now be copied & pasted into other files.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_199

Process: Mechanical Machining / MAG Welding

Print technology plan in Mechanical Machining and MAG Welding

Via the “Print” button you can now print out the entire technology plan and forward it e.g. to your production.

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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_198

Opening a CALC4XL file

If you open a CALC4XL file whose database is unknown, CALC4XL asks you to manually attach a suitable database.
If you have defined a default CALC4XL database, you can now connect it directly to the file at the touch of a button.


New Ribbon Entries for Database Actions


Process Calculator

Current process time calculators


New process time calculators


CALC4XL Super-BOM: Changing Module Level

You have two possibilities to change the assembly (module) level, which defines the belonging of the cost elements to each other:

Option 1 (previous solution):

(A) Click on the line of “housing outside”.
(B) Click on “Move”.
(C) Click on “tie rod complete” to move “housing outside” below it (level 2).
(See also   “CALC4XL Super-BOM” – Quick-Reference in to CALC4XL Super-BOM )

Option 2 (the new solution):

Overwrite the number “3” in the line of “housing outside” with a “2” (1).
CALC4XL automatically resorts all elements.


New reporting in the CALC4XL templates

The price overview in the CALC4XL Super-BOM has been expanded by graphic evaluations of the cost elements.


CALC4XL Picture comments

Insert picture comments from the clipboard into each Excel cell using the function ‘CALC4XL: Add/change picture comment from clipboard’.



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CALC4XL-Version 1_0_1_197

Define the Default database

Steps to connect the standard CALC4XL Benchmark database


New Login process

Easier login process


Project Specification

Manage your supply chain


Machine Calculator

Create your own process and machine groups, e.g. favorites list


Equipment, consumables and use (%) of a machine are now stored in the DB for own machines.


The shift model can be changed individually on each machine.


The “working hours per year” is determined from the work system entered in the project specification calculator. 
If a specific machine is to be used in another work system (shift model) (e.g. production in 3 shifts, packaging in 1 shift), you can change it only FOR THIS machine by clicking the padlock symbol.
Once the padlock icon is open, a change to the work system in the project specification calculator no longer has any effect on this machine.
The work system (shift model) can now be changed individually on each machine.


Specify the source of the machines and filter the machine list

When creating machines you should specify the source of the machine (e.g. supplier name).
Then you can later filter using this source and display, for example, all machines of a supplier that have already been negotiated.


Material Calculator

Price-date for materials

Update procedure see  Database Update 


Process: Laser Cutting

New: Thicker sheet thicknesses have been added for laser cutting.


Precalculated Parts & Assemblies

Current pre-calculated parts and assemblies


Hint: Create your own pre-calculated components.


CALC4XL Templates

New template: CALC4XL Super-BOM



Detailed calculation for any complex bill of materials with supply chain management


Password Recovery

Forgot your password of an Excel file?

  1. Send the full file name including file extension (e.g. ‘fileName.xlsm’) to Please provide a proof of your authorization, too.
  2. Receive a password recovery code (e.g. s282\4a3)
  3. Open the Excel file and carry out the following steps:


Hint: Leave the password blank if the Excel file does not need to be protected.


CALC4XL Picture Comments

Add picture comments to each Excel cell.

Right-click on the Excel cell and select ‘CALC4XL: Add/Change Picture Comment‘.


The size of the picture comment can be set manually or preset via “User Settings”:


CALC4XL Reader

The CALC4XL software can now be defined as a free reader

Install the CALC4XL trial version from the download area on

After trial period: Keep CALC4XL for full read-only rights on all CALC4XL calculations e.g. for your cooperation partners, suppliers, and so on


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