Transparent and consistent should cost calculations 

CALC4XL is a low-cost solution for producing transparent and consistent should cost calculations, with granular level detail that is necessary to achieve the higher level of cost savings.

How much should a component cost? How much does it cost in the best cost country? How much does it cost when producing it yourself? How can I achieve the optimum price on design changes?  What are the cost drivers?

Should cost estimates produced in CALC4XL will answer these questions!


  • Our customers are achieving higher levels of cost reduction using CALC4XL should cost estimates
  • For simple products, up to 40% saving has been achieved
  • For complex products with limited supply base up to 25% saving has been achieved

CALC4XL supports professional buyers and sales representatives mutually in negotiations.

It enables buyers to achieve the optimum price for purchased parts and services. With access to process cost models and worldwide benchmark-data, the buyer now can match the suppliers level of detail and create a level playing field in negotiations.

From the supplier side, the sales representative can gain the respect of customers by providing transparent and consistent quotations and cost breakdowns.

CALC4XL – The smart product cost calculation software for anyone: Secure, Comprehensive, fully Excel-integrated.


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The Story and the Target

Years of experience in costing on the sides of users and software-developers have brought us to think over and over again about the optimal solution for product cost calculation. The available software is complex and lacks flexibility. Our experience has shown, that calculations should be:

Adaptable and expandable at any time, but…

…secure through a system of rights and roles based on passwords…
…that integrates existing solutions, but…
…which is standardized and centrally controlled if needed,…
…easy to comprehend and understandable for third parties, in order to…
…exchange calculations internally and externally for discussion or even open book calculation, but without…
…excluding externals with different software,…
…underlined with consistent data from costing-experts (worldwide benchmark-data, production process calculators and so forth),…
…embedded in the existing software-landscape due to applicable interfaces,…
…accessible for every authorized person…
…withouth becoming dependent to the software in case the license runs out…
…and EVERYTHING without additional application complexity!

We asked ourselves, why existing solutions were cloned after Excel with reduced functionality with much higher complexity. So we combined the demands listed above with the costing-expertise from our everyday profession, with process logic, with data from cooperations, universities, public statistic authorities and realized a software, which, in fact, ist independent but directly and transparently integrated with Excel. The enormous feedback from partners that saw the software at work, brought us to professionalize the software in order to offer it to everybody at a low cost. CALC4XL enables you to discuss actual costs, not only about budgets. With CALC4XL it is in your power to calculate with certainty and confidence – independently for your department, across departments, throughout the whole company or even live with your partners, suppliers or customers.

Therefore it is important for us, that you become part of our costing-network and receive expertise and support for your projects. We offer workshops, accompanied project and cost calculations as well as mutiple contacts to other costing calculators.


CALC4XL is an independent software which is transparently integrated into Microsoft Excel as an Add-In.

As in the picture, you will receive a “CALC4XL”-Menü after installment through which you can use all the CALC4XL functions.

Thereby you will not have any additional IT-barriers (ready to use in 10 seconds) and, most importantly, no additional application complexity.

Show your calculations to colleagues or externals without a CALC4XL-license with free CALC4XL-Viewer. Your usual Excel-application therewith enables you an exchange beyond any boarders even to the possibility of an open book calculation.

Use, modify and expand the CALC4XL cost calculation templates and your own Excel templates with your Excel-know-how or simply embed a single cost module (worldwide data regarding salaries, machines, production process calculators, …) in your existing solution (see also below „The Integration“).

In case you want to end using CALC4XL at any time, you keep all of your data, calculations and your own templates in your usual Excel.

The CALC4XL menu in your Excel



full costing benchmark data with annual updates:

Consistent and differentiated data
139 worldwide-regional locations with area sets, energy costs, calculated interests
70,440 worldwide-regional common cost factors for specific industries and revenues for every indirect cost ranges such as costs for material, production, sales, administration, logistic and development
2,520 worldwide-regional industry-specific wage rates for industrial parks (direct wages, employer contribution) broken down to three qualification levels

More than 1,000 machine sets for all common production technologies with technical, machine-specific and business data such as name, description, investment, costs of installation, floor space, energy, maintenance, diameter, locking force, …

Wage rate calculator

Machine hour calculator

Usage of the CALC4XL production process calculator for determining the cycle time

Injection molding
Pressure die-casting
Laser welding and cutting
Rack ware (e.g. dip-painting)
Mechanical processing
…enlargement of data with one new process every month

Full calculation templates for components and units

differentiated award calculation
comprehensible and practical
individually adaptable and expandable with your Excel-Know-How

calculated components as calculation-templates

Simply adjust the component templates to your product


Click on the picture to get a larger version.


                                                                Click on the picture to get a larger Version.


Click on the picture to get a larger Version.


Click on the picture to get a larger Version.

Click on the picture to get a larger Version.


Click on the picture to get a larger Version.

Example of Use of the CALC4XL Modules


Click on the picture to get a larger Version.


Click on the picture to get a larger Version.


Multi language (German / English)

Fully secured through our system of rights and roles (see picture):

Add any user with different rights (admin, guest, employee, …).
Protect the content (write protection) of individual or every excel-cell, so that user with fewer rights cannot make changes.
Hide formulas of individual or every excel-cell, so that user with fewer rights cannot see the formulas.
The securization takes place in CALC4XL and therefore cannot be hacked by common hacker software.

Company-wide templates through CALC4XL template modle (see picture):

Create secured and standardized (Excel) templates for employees, customer, supplier…
Use either our or your excel calculation as templates.
But also every other document of any kind of type can be used as template (xlsm, pptx, docx,…).
Simply press „add template“: Now, anyone with access in the database will be able to see and use the template in accordance with his or her rights.

Ready to use in multi-user-mode, offline or fully online thanks fo the proven infrastructure of Microsoft (Office Online, Sharepoint, …).

                                                                             Secure system  of rights and roles


CALC4XL-template module


The Integration

Modular Design

CALC4XL is a complete product cost calculation software, which is easy to use and self-explanatory thanks to the common Excel-usage.
However, at times our user require the expertise of any CALC4XL-modules (calculator, data sets). Therefore, you can embed any of our calculators (for wage rates, machine, material and production processes) and any of our data sets (common cost factors, set of costs regarding countries, machines, materials and wage rates) in your Excel-spreadsheets. Hereby, almost every account of any CALC4XL-module (calculator, data sets) can be linked to an Excel-cell.
One doubleclick on a linked Excel-cell opend the according CALC4XL-module (see picture).

Fully customized

In the evolution of a cost-engineering you are going to want to adjust our calculation templates to your specific needs. Thats why you can make changes to all of your templates, as well as add and delete CALC4XL-modules (calculator, data sets) in your and our calculations. With these modular and customized solutions you are absolutely flexible – but still fully secured thanks to our template module and our system of right and roles in Excel.

Fully integrated

Complete integration in your software-landscape through various Excel-interfaces, e.g.:
ERP-Systems as SAP, Oracle, Navision, …
Database-systems such as Access, SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, …
Data from the web from text-documents and from XML-files…
and many more.
Furthermore are also employees and externals without CALC4XL-license able to open your calculation via the free CALC4XL-Viewers. The common Excel-application enables the exchange beyond all boarder even up to an open-book-calculation.

Fully Industry 4.0

CALC4XL is a dynamical start-up which provides a product cost calculation (should costing) solution for manufacturing industry and consultants leading the fourth industrial revolution:
Founders are experts in the manufacturing industry influencing the development of industrial production and its accompanying IT solutions for more than 30 years.
CALC4XL is a low-priced, intelligible solution to involve all co-workers of all departments to digital linking the cross-company strategies of action, value chain, and product life cycles.
CALC4XL is a highly customizable software to meet the individual and continuous changing demands of the Industry 4.0 dynamics.
The global CALC4XL knowledge domain for digital exchanging of benchmark data like wages, overhead factors, machine parks, and manufacturing process calculators leads to a competitive cooperation.
Costing 4.0: CALC4XL provides with the interface market leader Excel manifold Internet of Things (IoT) interfaces. Thereby, the Industry 4.0 revolution leads to digital costing of the whole value chain to detect and benefit of cost reduction potentials. This will ensure your competitive power in future.

CALC4XL-module linked to an Excel-cell




Be part of it...

We and our costing-experts accompany you:

Support in your product cost calculation and cost-engineering projects.
Realization of product cost calcuations for you.
Controlling of your calculations with our costing-experts.
Tool cost calculations.
Product and potential analysis.
Competitor analysis / Product-Tear-Down
Participation in multiple training and workshops.

CALC4XL-Software and award calculation,
Development of a Full-Cost-Engineering,
Design To Cost, Design To Value, Design To Market, Target Costing,
Value Stream Mapping, economic efficiency calculation, Make-or-Buy, location analysis,
calculation of product costs, offerings and changes, purchase negotiations, supplier analysis,
production process calculator, new production technologies,
and many more.

Become a member of the CALC4XL-Costing-Expert-Network:

Get in touch with other calculators via our platform, conferences or user meetings.
Make contact with costing-experts.
Offer your services to others.
Take part in our active roadmap of CALC4XL .



In case of any further questions (e.g. system requirements) please have a look at our FAQs (frequently asked questions), write us an e-mail ( or use our contact-formular.

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