We offer the following training and consultancy services:

  • Training for CALC4XL-software and should cost calculations
    • When installing the software you will get a handbook, but we also offer you training on your specific products
    • Your employees will learn how to deal with costs and cost drivers of your products, which could lead to immediate savings
  • Training in various technologies, e.g. laser cutting, machining, and injection molding
    • Selecting specific machines for specific processes
    • How to calculate cycle time
    • Secondary processes
  • Support in your software choices
    • We work with and know all common software solutions and can help you to select the most appropriate solution
    • Market presentation
    • Advantages and disadvantages of common calculation software solutions.




Service 2 aslope

  • Product cost calculation based on should-cost-analysis/purchase-price-Analysis
  • Tool cost calculation
  • Competetive analysis
    • We evaluate the competition not only regarding the costs, but regarding the quality and functionality as well.
  • Analysis of products and process potentials
    • CALC4XL offers a structured analysis, with which the existing processes, routines and constructions can be analyzed. On that base, CALC4XL develops steps for improvement, identifies potential for savings, defines investments, evaluates risks and matches the following procedure for optimization with the customer.
  • Adaption of your Cost-Break-Dow
    • Use your own Cost-Break-Down. We will link all inputs with out content regarding wage rates, overheads, machine data and Technologies.
  • Adaption of databases with our software CALC4XL
    • You want to calculate with your machines, wage rates and material data, for example for an offer calculation? No problem, our data bases are easy to expand.
  • CALC4XL FULL COST Engineering
    • With our experience in developing an effective cost-engineering and its functioning we advise you in your procedure of an implementation of a cost-engineering team and about all possible tools, e.g. CBD, LPP, Value Stream Mapping, Measurables.