The networks are multiple: On the one hand they are companies, which deal with developing a software solution for product and tool cost calculation, from aPriori, FACTON Ltd and costdata to Schmale. On the other hand do we have a wide user-network in various functions, for example purchasing, production, sales and controlling. The third network are consultants, which are primarily on the search for a simple and compehendible solution, that enables live and transparent calculations with and for a customer.

In the following a brief excerpt:

– Digital media manufacture mmp Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien mbH

– Consulting RAMBOLL, Wagenhoff

– Cost analyzer from electrical, wind, engineering and automotive industry

– Tool cost calculation Schmale

– Founder of enterprise cost calculation software FACTON Ltd

– Technical University Hamburg Hamburg

– University for applied science (HAW Hamburg)

– Business contacts to Olympus, Daimler and many more