Wolfgang Sievers

Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Sievers (1957) accomplished an apprenticeship as toolmaker and engineering studies. After graduating in the field of production technology he has been working in process planning, production engineering, project management at a major car company.

2007 Wolfgang Sievers started at FACTON, which is market-leading in developing a software for enterprise product cost calculation, where he took responsibility for product cost calculation in technical production as well as for benchmark-data.

Since 2011, he has helped implement the cost engineering department in two companies and has been active as a consultant in the manufacturing industry for decades. He is an expert in the toolset of cost engineering: from pure product and tool cost calculation to product teardown, value stream mapping, fixed cost degression, investment calculation and complete calculation of the TCO. With this knowledge, he is also responsible for generating benchmark data for the calculation.

Therefore, Wolfgang Sievers has influenced the development of industrial manufacturing and its accompanying IT solutions for more than 30 years already.

Prof. Dr. Andy Witt

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andy Witt (born 1983) studied computer science engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology. He specialized in applied mathematics and applied physics and subsequently worked as a product manager for a large software manufacturer. In 2013 he returned to the university for research and subsequent doctorate.

During his studies and scientific research, Andy Witt designed and developed software modules in the field of product cost calculation (process time calculators, logistics calculators, learning curves, integration of AI and fuzzy logic in the calculation, etc.). Furthermore, he built up a data content and gave user trainings for application software around product costs and cost engineering. As a management consultant, he also advised companies on the implementation of various cost calculation tools and can draw on a broad range of expertise in applied and scientific software programming, cost engineering, life cycle assessment, database creation and big data analysis.

Andy Witt is also a professor of business informatics at the renowned HSBA (Hamburg School of Business Administration). Here he teaches and researches in the areas of programming, artificial intelligence, big data as well as sustainable and cost-efficient production.